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Almonty Industries Inc. specializes in acquiring and optimizing distressed and underperforming tungsten operations and assets. We’ve earned a reputation for being a hands-on, turnaround investor-operator. We’re experts at tackling projects regarded as too complex or difficult for the average, pure ‘financial investor’.

Tungsten Mined Smarter

Our in-house operational experience and expertise in the tungsten market has consistently delivered fast, highly profitable turnarounds.  We’re actively pursuing fresh acquisition opportunities to apply our tungsten talent to create new value for all stakeholders.

Almonty Live Projects

Trusted and experienced operations in conflict-free regions by diversified tungsten specialists.

Investor Presentation - Almonty Industries

Investor Presentation

Download Almonty industries' latest Investor Presentation for a detailed overview of Almonty's position, active projects, and latest developments.

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Tungsten (W), Group 6, Atomic Number 74, d-block, Mass 183.84. Properties, facts, uses, supply and demand, forecast and APT prices.

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