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Building the World’s Largest Tungsten Mine

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Corporate Snapshot

Shareholder Structure

Strong Future Cash Flows and a 30+ Year Mine Life


Almonty will generate future cash flows for a 30+ year mine life from one of the largest tungsten resources in the world, with the potential for 90+ years


Sangdong – Strategically important, high grade & high margin tungsten mine with 90+ years of production


Developing a downstream extension plan to create nano size tungsten used in battery anode & cathode

Strong Future Reserves

Floor Price Guarantee and a Fully Permitted Mine

Tungsten (W)

Floor Price (USD235/MTU, APT) Guarantee by a Global Tungsten Major – Plansee Group

➢ Translates to USD183/MTU, WO3 65% concentrate price
➢ Locked-in profits over USD106/MTU cash cost
➢ Equivalent to approx. 580 US$m over 15 years at the prevailing price and with minimum offtake volume guaranteed – 750 C $m

Floor Price Guarantee

Factors behind the ‘Unprecedented’ Floor Price Guarantee

➢ Almonty’s track record of honoring existing offtake agreements
➢ Market insiders’ insight into tungsten prices & the understanding of the distorted LMB tungsten pricing caused by ‘China’s spoil’ in the past

Supply / Demand Gap Continuing To Widen

Supply Demand Gap Graph
Supply Demand

Strong growth is anticipated to persist in the cemented carbides sector, as well as in super alloys and other alloys.


Additionally, there is a rising demand for progressive technologies and tungsten utilization in the defense sector, all of which are projected to drive growth in the coming years.


On the supply side, it is important to note that the global tungsten market is becoming increasingly constrained and is expected to experience a more pronounced deficit in the coming years. In fact, certain indications of this deficit are already evident in the market.

Tungsten – Tight Market with Geopolitical Tension



Increasing dependence on China and Russia is increasing tension in the market given the non-transparent nature of the countries and the lack of assurance of fair production practices.


Declared a “critical raw material” as a result of high supply-risk and high economic importance by most countries, e.g. Australia, US, Canada, EU & South Korea.

Tight Market
End Markets
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